Aktiv Quality Solutions | About the Company
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About the Company

Learn about our history and work

What We Do

Aktiv Quality solutions help businesses make improvements within their organisations through the implementation of Lean practices, Continuous Improvements, and Quality Solutions, we achieve this through our Business Awareness programme. Where we involve all the workforce in the decision-making process.


We also undertake Coaching at all levels of the organisation from Senior Management to shop floor levels.

Our Mentoring and Interim Management programmes have been successful, and we help new businesses in the early stages of their development. We also Mentor for the Princes Trust. We help companies improve their supply chain and have partners in China, Portugal and Eastern Europe where we can source products and tooling at very competitive rates.


We can offer a full diagnostic to your business to ensure you remain competitive. And we work across all sectors of Manufacturing, including Automotive, and Electronics. We have extensive experience in all aspects of Metal Finishing, including, Robotic Wet painting, Powder Coating, Chrome and Nickel Plating.We also have extensive knowledge of Injection Moulding
and can source tools from China and Portugal.


Mission Statement

To maintain and develop our Technical and Operational capability to ensure our customers always receive a high quality and technically advanced service, giving them a competitive advantage and significant cost benefits. To give our customers the highest levels of service and delivery performance. To profitably grow and expand the business in a way delivers a sustainable benefit to Customers, Shareholders and Employees.