Aktiv Quality Solutions | Management Restructuring
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Management Restructuring

The Company

A highly successful major player within the Semi-conductor and electronics industry who has seen significant growth since it’s conception and is currently number two within it’s market sector


The Business Problem

A highly successful UK based organisation engaged in the competitive Electronics reclaim market with its major competitors based in the Far East, thus bringing the usual price pressures from not operating within market sector.

The company had evolved very rapidly and seen major growth and therefore the structure of the business had grown with it’s increased order book and therefore was not matching customer expectations the business lacked systems, Processes, and communication was poor the structure  was operating more as a development business, and was not dynamic enough to match the rapid growth this was also affecting Quality, profitability and was showing signs of the organisation being buerocratic.


The Solution

An Aktiv Solutions  Consultant was invited to examine the structure currently operating within the plant and to recommend to the board of Directors a structure that would facilitate the growth that was taking place and to sustain the futre business going forward. To ensure that this was carried out in a comprehensive manner The consultant undertook a survey of the amangement team as well as canvassing the opinions of the entire workforce  to ascetain the dynamics of the current structures This highlighted that the structure was “Tribal” and no one individual took control decisions were based opn concensus and therefore not in the best interests of the business. The consultant therefore created an Operations Director role to have responsibilty for the running of the business creating more cohesion and a balanced approach to solving the day to day problems within the business


The Benefits

The company showed a considerable improvement in its effectiveness to support it customer bas and with genuine leadership the management team was able to focus on it’s strengths thus improving the overall morale within in the business With the consolidation of roles and resposibilities costs were also reduced and the overhead ratio reduced to ensure the business remained competitive cost saving of circa £500k annualised were achieved and also cross functional teams working together produced improved results.


The Aktiv Solutions  Mission

Our drive and motivation is the challenge of working with companies to improve their businesses to provide a comprehensive consultancy service that delivers practical and measurable solutions for all types of business issues.