Aktiv Quality Solutions | Waste Management
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Waste Management

The Company

A leading UK based car components company supplying  major British based car manufacturer with high quality components.


The Business Problem

This major supplier of assemblies to the Automotive industry was encountering high costs for removing it’s waste products from it’s facility, The company was spending excessive amounts on waste skips and subsequantly on land fill charges, this was also compounded by high costs for disposal of what was classed as toxic waste. The company was also coming under extreme price pressur from it’s customers and was also committed to achieve ISO 14001 the environment standard. The company therefore need to change the culture within the organisation from what was a wasteful culture to that one of conserving resources


The Solution

An Aktiv solutions consultant was engaged to review the disposal of all waste generated on site, the consultant also undertook a review of the current costs of disposal of this waste. Over a period of months the amount of waste was collated and segregated into various catorgories and identified, discussions then took place with a local recycling company with a view to selling the waste thus reducing the amount of landfill, costs were developed and a training of the workforce for recycling was undertaken, the consultant also identified that by purchasing granulators, balers, and a can crusher then the selling costs to the recycler would increase thus giving an enhanced payback for the project. An area was allocated and resource recruited from within the workforce to carry out this work.


The Benefits

The company was able to reduce the cost of expenditure on skips by some 75% it was also able to generate income from the sale of granulated plastics, baled cardboard and baled fabrics which had previously been disposed of within landfill at increasing costs. The company was also able to reduce the cost of disposal of toxic waste by some 50%  The project gave a payback within 8 months and the company was able demonstrate to the workforce the advantages of recycling which was adapted by everyone and this then allowed the company to use this project as a spring board to acieve the ISO14001 environmental atandard the following year


The Aktiv Solutions Mission

Our drive and motivation is the challenge of working with companies to improve their businesses to provide a comprehensive consultancy service that delivers practical and measurable solutions for all types of business issues.